Goodman Masson internal comms print


Goodman Masson needed new recruits to understand and buy into their very particular take on recruitment consultancy. A pocketable ‘little book of knowledge’ crystallised their positioning.


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What we do

It’s all about getting the right people in the right roles. When we’re successful it’s great for clients and for candidates. But how do you go about achieving that success?

Traditionally, some play the numbers game. Throw enough CVs at the wall and some of them are bound to stick. Sure, clients grumble about the wasted time and effort involved in interviewing people that just aren’t right, while candidates traipse miserably from one interview to the next, doing their best, getting nowhere fast. We think clients, and candidates, deserve better.

Something as emotionally charged and commercially important as getting the right people into the right jobs demands a bit more sophistication than the scattergun technique, which is inefficient for clients, unfair to candidates and a waste of everyone’s time.

We believe there’s just one thing that makes the difference, and that makes us different. The one thing that helps you find clients the candidates they need and candidates the role that really suits them. It’s knowledge.