Success through collaboration

Border to Coast was formed by twelve like-minded Partner Funds committed to improving investment outcomes by realising the benefits of scale through pooling. These shareholders appointed the Board and senior leadership team to bring to life the vision of what can be achieved when professionals and best practices from across both public and private sectors around the world come together to create an investment implementation partner solely focused on forging improved outcomes for the LGPS.

Success can only be achieved through collaboration with our Partner Funds and by building partnerships across the wider asset management industry. An unstinting focus on professional delivery purely for the benefit of our Partner Funds will require strong, respectful relationships with everyone we engage with. That sometimes means going more slowly, working with mutual respect for compromise, sometimes gaining unanimous agreement. And that means always listening, learning and adapting so that through our unique combination of structures and skillsets, Border to Coast delivers long-term, sustainable investment outcomes for the LGPS.

Words hard at work…

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