Energy-efficiency, like many environmental and sustainability issues, tends to get filed by many businesses under ‘any other business’. Centrica were keen to move it up the agenda by focusing on its potential benefits for the bottom line.


Words hard at work…

Turning belief into action

With costs rising, skills hard to find, nimble new competitors and cash-strapped consumers, it’s a tough time to be a food & drink manufacturer.

With margins in the industry currently at 5.3%, as against a historical average of 6.3%, and energy typically accounting for 15% of operating costs, energy efficiency should surely be a prime focus. Yet for just one example, evidence suggests that despite potential energy savings of up to 75% from energy efficient lighting, just 21% of UK food & drink manufacturers say they’ve implemented it at all or most of their sites.

It’s not that manufacturers aren’t aware of the issues. 56% say they believe investing in energy efficiency technologies to be ‘very important’ for their business. Clearly there’s work to be done turning belief into action.