BT – Branding


Still perceived as ‘the phone company’, BT needed a big picture brochure to help it become something very much more.



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1 + 1 = inf

Add one child to one PC and the result is anyone’s guess.

The thing about computers is they go exactly where you want to go, and at your pace. You click, no-one else. You’re in control, limited only by your ability, your enthusiasm and the resource at your fingertips.

Add a simple modem to a PC, and the resource is, quite literally, infinite.

You can visit The Louvre, or New York’s Museum of Modern Art. You can listen to music from Mozart, or Mozambique or Michael Jackson. You can go to the zoo, the Great Barrier Reef, to the library… even to the movies!

Teachers report strange consequences. Children queuing to get into class in the morning. Children staying behind after school. Children working on their own, using their own initiative, following their own game plan, learning actively rather than passively.

Children eager to learn and equipped to learn.

Children getting results.