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Terrible tone of voice analogy

Re-reading Life of Pi, I came across a brief passage that brought to mind a slight difference of opinion earlier in the day over tone of voice on a current project.

My client, I think, felt I’d erred too far from simple & straightforward toward a brand-inappropriate highbrow. I needed to ‘get closer’, to engage. The discssion continues, but in the meantime, what a cracking bit of writing!

Positively good

As part of feedback on a job last week, my client said he felt his client would probably prefer to focus on their positives rather than on peers’ supposed shortcomings – a more elevated positioning, you might call it. I said it brought to mind a quote from David Ogilvy which I recalled from back in the day.  I later managed to track it down – when it proved to be not David Ogilvy, but a colleague of his, quoted in his Ogilvy on Advertising:

Seems to me that contains as good a description of a copywriter’s role as I’ve ever seen: say the things that matter, clearly, honestly and informatively.