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Came across an interesting site last week, essentially a direct-sales operation for a DIY brewing device:


What’s interesting? It’s the first site I’ve come across that’s basically an ad on a loop: the offer, reduced to its barest essentials and presented using a handful of slick images and a few carefully-chosen words. The onus being on the browser to dig, if they want to find out more.

It brought to mind a project from maybe 30 years back, working on a brochure for¬†Michael Peters Design, who’d recently done a retail project in Japan for a top British clothing brand. In stark contrast to Japan’s then-ubiquitous practice of stuffing every available cm of space with goods, the designers had used a stand for a single jacket or a shirt, a shelf for a pair of cufflinks. The ‘standout’ from the usual clutter instantly established a singular look and feel: one of calm, confidence and sheer class.

Less, as they were once fond of saying, is indeed very often more.

Hear hear

Talking with a friend over lunch today about the value of brevity in communication and he described going to the  Union quite soon after his arrival in Cambridge, to see a debate featuring, among others, Lord Lever and Norman Lamont. Lever proved a very nervous public speaker, gabbling his words while his notes shook visibly in his hands. After a few minutes, Lamont quietly handed him a piece of paper. From his vantage point in the balcony directly overhead, my friend saw that it bore three words, in clear block capitals:



His Lordship took note; the remainder of his speech was a vast improvement.