All the faces…

My book club does throw up the occasional absolute blinder – I’d never heard of Sebastian Barry, but Days Without End makes him one of my favourite authors at a stroke.


I sometimes Telegram myself quotes as I go along..these all came from just a handful of pages, mid-volume. And the whole book is like that. Can’t recommend it too highly.

V poor

Went to IMDB to check out something about the Henry V I’d just watched. (And yes, Kenneth Branagh did do the screenplay, as well as starring and directing.) Appalled by the poster, which makes it look like one of those cacky ‘The Knight of Doom’ type movies Hollywood used to churn out in the days of Cinemascope:

Rather than probably the best Shakespeare ever committed to celluloid. I think my version (knocked up with a John Bull printing set and 23 minutes), though a tad rough ‘n ready, does a far better job:

And I’m not even a designer.

Passionate about communication

I’m sure I can’t be the only person left enervated rather than inspired by the recent trend for companies to declare their ‘passion’ for whatever it is they happen to do. Have to admit I’d view anyone with a passion for, say, logistics, as a chap probably best avoided.

Discussions thereabouts led a friend to pass on a clip once seen but long since forgotten; a perfect illustration of how in the business of communication, passion needn’t necessarily be one’s ideal ally…

Terrible tone of voice analogy

Re-reading Life of Pi, I came across a brief passage that brought to mind a slight difference of opinion earlier in the day over tone of voice on a current project.

My client, I think, felt I’d erred too far from simple & straightforward toward a brand-inappropriate highbrow. I needed to ‘get closer’, to engage. The discssion continues, but in the meantime, what a cracking bit of writing!