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A law unto themselves

A recent project introduced me to this logo:

Interesting. I can’t decide whether I like it or not. (I’m sure this’ll have ’em on tenterhooks.)

You can see where it came from. They’re pretty much the inventors of ‘new law’, so it behoves them to be not just different but, well, different, if you see what I mean. And this does that, for sure.

  • It’s distinctive – aggressively (or perhaps playfully…but certainly consciously, deliberately, calculatedly) far from the norm for the sector
  • It’s clever – in the way it embodies the kind of subversion it’s selling, with its all-lower-case and inverted ‘i’
  • It achieves the eternally tricky ‘confident, but not arrogant’ balance, with its ‘law redefined’ strapline

Indeed…there’s a lot to like about it. And yet…I can’t altogether escape the feeling that it’s just a bit, I dunno, cute? Just smacks of being a little bit pleased with itself. Arguably forgivable, given their sector dominance. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they dropped it in the not-too-distant.

The Big Question of course being, what next?