Say what?

No great originality in grumbling about inflated/nonsensical job titles – standard issue grump – but I was struck by the sign off on a recent letter from my pension provider:

What did whoever came up with that lulu even imagine they meant by it? ‘Insurance Customer Delivery’? This is a pension, not insurance. And where does delivery come into it? Are they delivering customers now? Where to? It’s palpable nonsense, and indicative of a level of intelligence and imagination I for one am a tad dismayed to find in the company supposedly looking out for my future finances.

Does it matter? Not much, probably. To quote ‘er indores, “You’re probably the only person who’d even notice.” Maybe she’s right. But I can’t help feeling that smart companies should watch their words no less carefully than they look after their customers’ money. People might think they don’t know what they’re on about – not a good look, whatever business you’re in.