Only engage…

…was the title – and theme for that matter – I came up with for a brochure for a design/branding company many moons ago. It still seems to me a perfect encapsulation of the key challenge facing any would-be communicator: to initiate a two-way process. Where you take that process comes next…

It was brought back to mind recently when I logged off a Zoom call to be confronted with:

This picture, featuring just 31 words (who needs ’em) isn’t one-way communication. It’s inherently relational; it invites you in. You have to figure it out. (Who can resist a puzzle?) And it’s intuitive enough that you can’t not. You engage. That’s the whole ball game right there.

It’s the old door to door salesman’s foot in the door. “D’you mind if I use your bathroom?”

Then it’s just a matter of

  • Hook – “Magic quadrant”?
  • Line – Zoom: a Leader
  • Sinker – © Gartner, inc.

The upshot, Zoom deliver the payload of their message direct to your brain: Gartner say we’re one of the top three (and none of the others matters).