Some excellent gibberish in an article on the marketing of water (an industry now worth a reported £25 billion a year yegods or what?)

“When the market became saturated, new products had to be different to stand out and “luxury waters” were launched. You can buy bottled Australian rain water (Cloud Juice) and water from Canadian glaciers (10 Thousand BC) that is, apparently, bottled to the sound of “inspirational music”, because water has, according to the company, “a memory”. Bling H2O, vying to be the most expensive water in the world, brought out a bottle covered in crystals for around £1,600 (even a simple small plastic bottle costs around £12). In its marketing, the company makes the unintelligible boast that its water is in “a Haute water bottle so beautiful that it could stand alone on the Global red carpets of the world [sic].”