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Comprising the bulk of Kazakhstan’s vast mineral industry, ENRC has a $6 billion+ turnover, big ambitions and a need for alpha graduates to bring them to fruition. The key: “Tell a good story; tell it well.”


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Everest Operational Leadership Programme

You can shape the future of ENRC. The company is on an exciting journey: rapidly growing and changing. We have the resources, but we need people with vision, courage and a capacity for hard work to enable us to reach great heights.

People who can understand what needs doing, help devise a strategy to do it, and get our people fired up, inspired and committed to making it happen.

It won’t be easy, be under no illusions. Ours is a hard-working industry, and we work harder than most. You will be required to work across various entities, and not always in places over-supplied with creature comforts and leisure activities. But you will be gaining deep, rich, invaluable experience in the world’s emerging markets; experience which will stand you in good stead for your future career.