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Alantum metal foams constitute an innovative, brilliant and versatile material, but as their MD put it: “We’ve been trying to sell a material; we need to find a way of selling applications“. We found a way.


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Enabling a better process

Heterogeneous catalysis technology is at the heart of all chemical, petrochemical and energy processes. Given the vast investments such processes involve, the need to maximize leverage, and the high costs of failure, resistance to change is understandable.

But technology moves on. And serious, substantive and measurable process intensification is now a reality. Extensive data proves irrefutably that a process built around or retro-fitted to incorporate alloy foam-based catalysis works better, boosting efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. It makes small reactors viable and large ones more productive, with:

• Consistent porosity, to any specification
• Exceptional heat and corrosion resistance
• Metallic strength, stability and durability
• Light weight

Bringing drastically reduced operating costs, and reliable production to consistent standards. Along with a better, more energy efficient world.

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