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Definately tricky

An entertaining recent thread on those words whose spelling trips you up – or at least gives you pause – every time kicked off with queue (‘all those u’s and e’s’), proceeding by way of the likes of


questionnaire (‘one ‘n’ or two?)

definately (or is it ‘definitely’?)


permanent vs permenant

to ‘separate’ – which I have to confess I also spent years correcting from ‘seperate’.

Star of the thread, though, was an entry from someone who said she’d¬†never been able to get a handle on ‘necessary’, until a tutor took her to one side and suggested that

“Nearly Every Clown Eats Special Sausages At Rehearsals, Y? Because it’s necessary”

Pednatic? Moi?

When my daughter came across this on my phone, snapped in my local…



…she said ‘do you spend your life looking for spelling errors?’ To which I responded, ‘I don’t look for them; they leap out at me.’ I really can’t understand how any sentient being can see that without¬†instantly thinking: ‘hmmm – something’s not right here…’.