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Went to check out the booking situation for my local, only to discover one of the more cretinous bits of web design I’ve come across lately. Even the swimming pool I go to manages to provide a calendar of upcoming availability. Not the pub. Oh, no, that would be too sensible.



That’s it. Pick a time, any time, and if that specific time is not available, it’ll say No. Not now, and not within two and a half hours. But it won’t give you options that are available. No, you just have to stick another tail on the donkey and…No. Not now, and not within two and a half hours. And don’t think that means there’s availability at three hours. Nope. Check +3 hrs and you’ll get the same message. They could be booked for the whole evening, the entire week ahead, but there’s no way to find out. The most info you’ll ever get, if not ‘ok’, is No. Not now, and not within two and a half hours.

These people get paid and everything. <grrr emoji>

Do YOU really have TO SHOUT at me that WAY?

Recently received from my bank, notice of various changes to the Ts & Cs. Fine. But what’s with all the bolding?

Is it really necessary to harangue your customers (business customers at that) like this? Do you suppose we’re idiots, HSBC?

Calm down, cut the clutter, communicate. And stop addressing your customers as though they’re gormless children.