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Some sort of grasshopper

Like any blog, mine gets a steady stream of spam comments, easily identifiable by their bland generic praise and utter disconnect from the original post – this morning’s classics including: “Helpful information! I have been searching for something like this for quite a while currently. Thanks!” and “Your blog is really very informative. Thank you for that.”

I did, however, also receive a zinger this morning – a lengthy screed…upwards of 1000 words of prime gibberish.

“Louis Vuitton converted Rome taxidermy keep Deyrolle appropriate virtual Zoo-y Vuitton at Monday evening to help rejoice the actual 100th annivesary of their small household leather merchandise assortment. Align the actual feeling, United kingdom specialit Billie Achilleos converted the actual maison?¡¥s individual bank purses, coin pockets, belts, at the same time as carrier laptop or computer hardware suitable menagerie of pets, which includes some sort of grasshopper, a strong armadillo, some sort of beaver, and one trs multi-colored chameleon.”

Top marks! I have been searching for this information currently for some time!