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Halcyon days…

Stumbled across a wonderful piece o’ prose from one ‘Silver Fox’ on a thread about ‘What we used to do back then…’:

Get up at 5am, drink the cream off the top of the milk bottle and leave the rest on the doorstep, meet friends, ride like the wind on my bluebell bent over taking a shortcut across the angry farmers field, head to the to the river, find warm sticky cola bottles in disintegrating paper bag in back pocket, divvy up sweets, try to cross river with jeans rolled up to knees, have a nap, wake up to see cow standing above head, grab bikes and peddle like mad home, grab a sarni, see peg bag in the kitchen, empty pegs at the back door and climb apple tree, fill peg bag with apples with sarni in gob, shimmy down tree, throw crusts over the fence, sneak out, head to local shop, get bag of cola bottles and a mini milk from kind lady who makes apple pies to sell in the shop, peddle back to the river slowly counting up cola bottles and laughing at lolly stick joke, see friends and stuff sweets in jeans for later, play bulldog until legs fall off, watch sun start to set, push cows over, when scary dark walk bikes home holding hands with best friend so we don’t get kidnapped by strangers.

I’ve read nothing more evocative from a professional.