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The Economist?

Further to our continuing series on the evolution of the language, a post from the comments section following a recent Economist article on the Bitcoin phenomenon:

“Yeah bruh bruh, this here blockchain finna set the world on fire. We got bitcoin doing Austin 3:16 numbers right now, can I get a Hell Yeah?! Damn son, where’d you find this??? Do you smell what the Blockchain is cookin?!? (LET ME GET SUMMA THAT!!! BRO BUST UP WITH IT, U KNOW I PUT U ON DAT BLOCKCHAIN LIL DADDY!) Nah, for real tho, blockchain finna get me out the hood. Couldn’t make it ballin, couldnt make it rappin (syke boy u know i spit FLAME$), but I been blockchain trappin. Shout out lizard squad, shout out to based god. As soon as one of these future presidents drops the B word, they getting my vote ya heard me.”

I trust that’s clear. Carry on.