Soz old chap

Interesting thread on a forum I frequent about words that are dying out of (now seguing to include, coming into) the language, one post covering the intrusion of textspeak into everyday language, and how such is not invariably an abomination:

I’m a great user of “chum”, “spiffing” and “jolly”. But I like some neologisms too, I’m not a verbal luddite.

My husband and I were discussing the word “soz” the other day – txtspk for “sorry” – and decided it was a really useful word which could be extensively freighted with meaning. “Soz” is like a slightly cheekier form of sorry, when used out loud, and we use it as shorthand for “sorry I did that thing that I probably shouldn’t have done but which isn’t that serious and which I know you will forgive me for”. Usually accompanied by fond/roguish look.

Suggested usage:

Me: where’s the last choc? You ate it!
Him: soz! (subtext: you kinda knew I would and it’s not the end of the world, I now understand that I am making the next cup of tea)

Inappropriate use:

1st person: you ran over my dog and killed it!
2nd person: soz