Serco CR Report


Serco’s customers are answerable to voters and highly sensitive to any suggestion of impropriety; its CR reputation is a key commercial asset. Taking it seriously means giving their people a voice.


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People serving people

We manage bases for the UK’s Royal Air Force, prisons in Australia and the Metro in Dubai. Throughout the world we help educators, scientists, commuters and the families of service personnel. But from the depths of the ocean to satellites in space, wherever we operate and whatever we do, our work has one thing in common. It’s all about people serving people.

We don’t use the word serving lightly. Serco is a company rooted in strong values such as honesty, openness and integrity. To make these values real and thus ensure we deliver what is needed, requires not only hearts in the right place, but also efficient, systematic support. That means good people management, rooted in good leadership, honest dialogue, empowerment and respect.