Nesquik brand guidelines editing


Although accurate, the original draft lacked the brand’s fun and energy. Worse, much of its global audience would struggle with its complexity. The redraft was easier to understand – and on-brand.


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Cyfrowy Polsat
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Nesquik brand guidelines edit

The NESQUIK approach to nutrition
This section introduces the NESQUIK nutritional platform, known as Nourishing Appetite for Life (from now on Appetite for Life). Appetite for Life sets the nutritional direction NESQUIK is heading in. It aims to help markets develop consistent nutritional propositions across geographies and categories.

The NESQUIK approach to nutrition
NESQUIK has what we call a nutritional platform: Nourishing Appetite for Life, or Appetite for Life, for short.

Appetite for Life should guide the thinking of anyone talking about NESQUIK, anywhere in the world. It should help them:

  • Develop consistent nutritional propositions wherever they are and whatever product they’re talking about
  • Come up with great new ideas based on customers needs and on what’s important for any given product or category