Willis – Branding


Willis faced stiff competition from US giants. Engaging advertising, distinctive brochures and a bold new positioning as ‘The Risk Practice’ enabled them to meet it head on, and go from strength to strength.


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Why advertising?

Because advertising is:

Powerful. A single execution can take one message straight to the minds of millions.

Flexible. A single, core, strategic message can be tactically adapted to achieve a variety of objectives with a wide range of audiences, not just winning business but boosting recruitment and morale, and improving relations with institutions and the media.

Cost effective. Simply, no other medium offers anything like the impact per dollar of a sustained, cumulative campaign.

You’ve seen our launch campaign, featuring the likes of Supermodel and Spaceman. And so have our competitors, who have responded flatteringly, outspending us heavily on their own campaigns while achieving nothing like the same level of recognition in the marketplace.