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Hill & Knowlton had 60 years to celebrate, as well as a pole position in the world of global PR. Their book, ‘Success’, presented 80 succinct success stories – simultaneously of course presenting theirs.


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You are holding 80 snapshots of outstanding brand and business success

Each showcases the results of a campaign, somewhere in the world, which brought real, tangible important results for a brand or a company. This is what we at Hill & Knowlton do. It is what we’ve been doing now for 80 years.

None of us does it alone. Each of these successes highlights teamwork in action; each is the outcome of a lively and engaged partnership between us and our colleagues and between us and our clients; each shows what vision, hard work and enthusiastic collaboration can achieve. The images may be simple; the backstory, never.

Behind each of these tales lies executional excellence of often mind-boggling complexity. Inspirational insight and rigorous planning; unfettered creativity and implemental discipline; not least the vigour that comes from international and inter-disciplinary cooperation. Wit has also been known to play a part.

Different stories have involved different specific skills, from media relations to digital communications, from internal and change communications to political lobbying. What each has in common is a clear, coherent and compelling brand or business proposition and a real result that adds value to our client’s bottom line.

All of us at Hill & Knowlton focus above all on this kind of client success. It is, after all, the only thing that has driven, drives, and will continue to drive, ours.


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