SABIC trade fair posters


Every three years SABIC attend the ‘K’ – the trade fair of global
petrochemicals. From airport to stand, snappy, eye-catching advertising puts SABIC in delegates’ minds – and tells them where to meet them.


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Tangible technology
Technology that adds value; technology that keeps delivering; technology that helps make things lighter, cleaner, more efficient. Technology our customers can use to improve their customers’ lives. Today and tomorrow.

Focusing on you
We help our customers achieve great things. Consistently excellent products and great customer service combine to create long lasting relationships. We work together, we innovate together, together we succeed.

Sustainable solutions
We provide sustainable materials and technologies that help our customers develop environmentally responsible products that are lighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient. Our materials just go on delivering, year after year.

Growing value
Our customers know they can rely on us, wherever they want to go, whatever they want to do. Around the world and into the future, our continuing growth helps others grow and supports their success.